The Best Of with Simone Ashley | Vogue India

What does Simone Ashley’s list of all time ‘bests’ look like?

May 30, 2024 - 08:49
The Best Of with Simone Ashley | Vogue India
The Best Of with Simone Ashley | Vogue India

From her favourite Indian food dishes to sunscreen and more—tap to find out all the details as she indulges in ‘The Best Of’ series with Vogue. Videographer: Brendan Harvey Video Editor: Ishan Zaka Photographer: Rid Burman Stylist: Nikhil Mansata, Agency: The Wall Group Hair stylist: Shon Hyungsun Ju Makeup artist: Alex Babsky Manicurist: Michelle Class, Agency: LMC Worldwide Movement director: Simon Donnellon, Agency: New School Represents Set designer: David Curtis-Ring Production: Chantelle-Shakila Tiagi, Agency: TIAGI Tailor: Nafisa Tosh Assisted by: Ross Zillwood, Andy Broadhurst, Bradley Polkinghorne (Photography); Zim Uddin, Martha Barr, Alice Golding, Bradley Salih (Production); Roshni Sukhlecha, Megha Maruca, Zaynab Lunat, Nivedita Rohera (Styling); Rogerio De Silva (Hair); Anna Makri, Doron Dee Daniel, Javier Ruiz Guardeño (Set Design). #TheBestOfSimoneAshley

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