Pokemon: Live Action Movie (2024) | TEASER TRAILER

Rumors are in the air that a live-action Pokemon movie starring Tom Holland will be released in the theaters in 2024. But are these rumors true?

May 27, 2024 - 13:14
Jun 3, 2024 - 08:38
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Pokemon: Live Action Movie (2024) | TEASER TRAILER
Pokemon: Live Action Movie (2024) | TEASER TRAILER

For some time, rumors have suggested that a live-action Pokemon movie is going to release in the year 2024. A trailer on YouTube has ignited the excitement about the movie’s release and that it features Tom Holland.

Are the rumors true?

The first source of these rumors is the Small Screen site, which extracted the news from We Got This Covered in the year 2020. It indicated Tom Holland being in consideration for playing the character of Blue Oak, the grandson of Professor Oak from the Pokemon games, in a new Pokemon film. Further the news suggested that the film is a spin-off set in the same ecosystem as the 2019 movie - Detective Pikachu.

However, the rumors are not true and the trailer is made by a fan. It shows footage from the Detective Pikachu movie combined with other footage of the movies starring Tom Holland.

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