Latest OTT releases this week: 13 new movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video and more

It’s time for your weekly update of the latest OTT releases and the next seven days have the perfect blend of movies and TV shows to satiate all your bingeing needs.

May 30, 2024 - 08:37
Latest OTT releases this week: 13 new movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video and more
Street Food PastLatest OTT releases this week: 13 new movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video and morery

Jitendra Kumar reprises his role as Abhishek Tripathi in the eagerly awaited third season of Panchayat; Randeep Hooda’s Swatantrya Veer Savarkar readies for a digital premiere; Kevin Hart returns with a bang in Die Hart 2: Die Harter—the thrilling sequel to his 2023 action-comedy; Benedict Cumberbatch leads the charge in Eric, an intriguing new limited drama series gracing your screens.

Panchayat season 3 (May 28)

Panchayat returns with season 3, continuing the engaging narrative of Abhishek Tripathi, the Panchayat Secretary in Phulera village. This season introduces heightened political drama as the local elections approach, with the Pradhan and Bhushan factions fiercely battling to enhance their public image. Abhishek, portrayed by Jitendra Kumar, must navigate these murky political waters while striving to maintain objectivity. Alongside returning stars like Neena Gupta and Raghubir Yadav, the new season promises fresh challenges and deeper explorations of rural life.

Swatantrya Veer Savarkar (May 28)

This film is a biographical drama directed by and starring Randeep Hooda as Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a pivotal figure in India’s independence movement. It explores Savarkar’s journey from his law studies in London to his revolutionary activities against British rule. It delves into his philosophy of Hindutva and his vision for an undivided India post-independence. The storyline contrasts Savarkar’s militant approach with Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent resistance, earning him the title of the most dangerous man in India by the British.

Bionic (May 29)

Set in the year 2035, Bionic depicts a dystopian future where society is dominated by advanced bionic prosthetics. The film follows the journey of two sisters and competitive long-jump rivals, Maria and Sofia, whose involvement in crime and violence escalates as they navigate this technologically altered world. Directed by Afonso Poyart, the story delves into themes of ambition, rivalry and the ethical implications of technological advancements.

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Illegal season 3 (May 29)

Season 3 of Illegal continues the exploration of the intense and morally complex world of a high-end law firm. This season sees the return of Neha Sharma as Niharika Singh, Akshay Oberoi as Akshay Jaitley and Piyush Mishra as Janardhan Jaitley. The plot delves into the fierce legal battles and personal conflicts within the firm, where justice is often compromised for paying hours, while the intrigues get deeper and the stakes get higher.

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In this sequel, Kevin Hart (playing a fictionalised version of himself) takes his audacious quest for action star supremacy to dazzling new heights. This time, he aims to redefine the genre with an unscripted action movie, but his grand vision is threatened by a vendetta from his past. Enlisting a dynamic ensemble, including his fierce co-star Jordan King (Nathalie Emmanuel), the exuberant Andre (Ben Schwartz), Andre’s spirited mother Cynthia (Paula Pell) and the iconic stunt maestro Mr. 206 (John Cena), Hart navigates a whirlwind of chaos and revenge in this high-octane comedy adventure​.

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