5 NEW Google Assistant Features and Changes!

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the speaker discusses several new features and changes to Google Assistant that came with the launch of the Pixel 8 series. The first feature mentioned is the AI summarized feature, which can be used to summarize web articles on your behalf. The second feature discussed is read aloud, which allows users to control the playback speed, scrub through audio, and even translate text into a different language. The third feature mentioned is how to update my phone command, which provides an in-depth guide with explanations on how to update your phone. The fourth feature discussed is call screening, which now includes an updated voice model with inflection and a human hint in the tone, as well as the ability to probe calls about their purpose before connecting. Lastly, the speaker mentions that Google Assistant is now faster in their testing.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the video discusses a few changes that have been made to Google Assistant. One of the changes noted is that while the language model has been improved to be more immune to human error, such as long pauses or stammering, the assistant can sometimes still be slower when compared to the pixel 7. Redesigning Google Assistant’s interface with a dark mode has also been mentioned. Although no crazy updates have been introduced, these minor improvements have made the service more enjoyable to use, as summarized. YouTube is also teasing Bard’s integration into Google Assistant. The video invites viewers to leave feedback on how they feel about the updates and whether there is any feature missing that they would have preferred to see.

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